Car Transport Service

Car Transport Service

Get Going with PTI

When you trust PTI to navigate your car transport service needs, you can rest assured you’re entering into a partnership with a company committed to providing the best options for clean, safe, dependable, and comfortable vehicles. 

Our network of dedicated professional and pre-qualified partner drivers meet on-time service requirements while operating our fleet of vehicles and assist in removing maintenance-caused disruptions from the equation. All PTI vehicle fleets undergo regularly scheduled maintenance procedures that use the latest in diagnostic technology.

Better Performance

Multiple layers of sophisticated technology are what enable PTI to create an experience for your business that effectively integrates our trip management system with your needs. 

Our dispatch system, CrewNav, and our on-board camera system, DriveCam, enable our team to safely and efficiently track and monitor every ride. 

PTI’s team of drivers and dispatchers work collectively with state of the art technology that ensures detailed pick-ups, drop-off, and reliable real-time ride updates.

We ensure on-time performance with GPS tracking, on-boarding software, and successful arrival measurements. Our technology can accommodate last-minute changes, special instructions, and driver views in real-time.