Transportation Services

Taking Care of You. Taking Care of Business.

No matter what you’re transporting, your business will find comfort in knowing that PTI is taking care to ensure your transport needs are met with the highest standards of on-time delivery performance via a reliable supply of highly trained and qualified drivers. Expect nothing less than your cargo to arrive at its destination safely and securely.

All PTI drivers and our pre-qualified partner drivers meet the highest classification of training and regulatory requirements. This means they are qualified to be entrusted with your transportation needs – small or large, standard or urgent – around the clock. PTI dispatch services are available 24/7, and 365 days a year. Communication is key, and PTI handles everything in between, making business run smoothly and efficiently.

When you trust your transportation service needs with PTI, you’ve already arrived, on-time and exactly where you need to be.

Let’s Get Moving:
Our Portfolio of Transportation Services

Crew Transport

Mining & Utility Transport

Auto Ramp Services

Pharmaceutical Transportation Service

Local Delivery Service

Corporate Transportation Services

Crew Transport

Courier Service​

Local Delivery Service

Car Transport Service

Mining & Utility Transport

Service Transport

Employee Transport Service

Why Choose PTI?


PTI leverages several innovative technologies to provide an industry-leading, true, end-to-end, integrated solution for transportation.  At the heart of PTI’s technology is our proprietary CREW & CREW Nav systems.


Efficient transit operations require more than great people and up-to-date equipment. You also need a reliable dispatching system that assures on-time performance, monitoring and coordination. PTI uses multiple layers of technology to effectively integrate our trip management system with your needs. With CrewNav, our dispatch system, we can monitor and track the transportation of your cargo safely and efficiently. From car, person and crew transports to delivery, courier and specialized transportation services, PTI has your business covered. 


Vehicle fleets are a major cost for transit organizations. The integrity of our fleet is critical when meeting obligations to the traveling public, your business, and its employees. Our fleet’s reliability also speaks volumes about the quality of our service. 

PTI vehicle fleets undergo regularly scheduled maintenance procedures that use the latest in diagnostic technology. PTI is committed to providing clean, safe, dependable and comfortable vehicles that meet on-time service requirements without the worry of maintenance-caused disruptions.


It can be challenging to determine what training our drivers need to meet your company’s safety and regulatory requirements. Proper rules knowledge and the confidence to perform tasks properly promote a workplace culture of safe behavior in an ever-changing transportation environment.

We take pride in providing customized training, performed by our experienced staff and focused on safe operating practices that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Our instructors have decades of experience working, supervising and teaching. Simply put, we are the best training provider in the industry.