Courier Service

Courier Service

Focus on Your Business, While We Take Care of the Rest

When your business needs involve getting classified or timely materials from one place to another without sacrificing time, integrity, or worrying about potential obstacles, you can rely on Professional Transportation, Inc. (PTI).  

PTI cares about a relationship with your business. You’ll never have to second guess confidentiality, location, or the safety of your materials. This level of professionalism gives you the confidence, trust and peace of mind needed to focus on the other areas of your business that demand your attention.

Technology that Makes a Difference

Our rigorous standards for PTI drivers, our partner drivers, and maintenance procedures for PTI vehicle fleets ensure your shipments are delivered with PTI’s promise for quality, safety and on-time performance.  Customized PTI technology and CrewNav capabilities ensure on-time pick-ups, drop-offs, and dependable, real-time updates. 

When trusting PTI with your courier service needs, expect personalized departure-tracking, seamless on-boarding, and prompt arrivals.

We Know The Details Matter

We equally value your time, confidence, and trust and the safety of your cargo. Our dispatchers are available 24/7, 365, to accommodate your company’s delivery and courier transportation solutions. We monitor every detail, working around the clock to cater to your specialized needs or timeframes.