Package Delivery Service

Package Delivery Service in Louisville, KY

PTI Delivers

Our Packages Delivery Service is your source for timely, local deliveries. Whether you need a single package delivered or a van load, our team will get the job done. The quality of our vehicle fleet, drivers, and technology have earned a reputation that speaks for themselves, but it doesn’t stop there. Our team works on and behind the scenes to set the bar for what your business can expect when it comes to the delivery services you rely on.

Expect the Best

Aside from expecting an impeccable, on-time delivery experience, you also count on your shipment arriving at its destination via a quality fleet vehicles.

PTI vehicles are equipped with custom, state-of-the-art technology, and navigation systems that allow real-time communication between drivers and dispatchers.  

We cover all the bases when we measure performance: on-time departure, seamless on-boarding, and successful arrivals.

Your Time is of the Essence

We value your time and take safety seriously. We work with our customers to create delivery transportation solutions that meet your specific business needs and timeframes. 

Count on Quality

PTI vehicle fleets undergo regularly scheduled maintenance procedures using advanced diagnostic technology. PTI is committed to providing clean, safe, dependable, and comfortable vehicles that meet on-time service requirements without the worry of maintenance-caused disruptions.

The bottom line? PTI gets your freight and cargo where it needs to go, safely and professionally, without missing a single detail of the journey.