Medical Courier Service

Medical Courier Service

The PTI Caliber of Care

Punctuality and on-time performance are desirable, but medical courier services require an additional caliber of care. What you need the most when it comes to trusting your specimen or other medical materials in the hands of our drivers is:  

  • Integrity
  • Utmost Product Care
  • Careful, Professional and Knowledgeable Handling

You get more than that with PTI. 

Safely handling your medical products is a top priority when it comes to PTI’s medical courier services. Our dedicated, professional drivers and pre-qualified partner-drivers are trained to keep this top of mind. 

Arrive On Time and In-Tact with our Sophisticated Technology

PTI’S vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offering dependable features to facilitate on-boarding and navigation updates in real-time.

Our on-time performance standards ensure accurate GPS departures location, smooth on-boarding, and punctual arrivals. We also have rigorous protocols for cleanliness and sanitation before and after every ride. 

Additionally, we value your time, just as much as safety. We work with our customers to tailor delivery and medical transport solutions that cater to your specialized needs and timeframes.