Mining & Utility Transport

Mining & Utility Transport

We’ve Been Around the Block

Over the years, PTI has formed a network of thousands of associates and drivers with years of experience providing transportation services to some of the largest companies in the mining and energy industries in the world.

Our dedicated, professional drivers are responsible for safely transporting cargo to its destination on time and adhering to federal, state, and local traffic laws. Additionally, PTI implements our standard of policies and procedures that include rigorous protocols for cleanliness and sanitation that continue to evolve with the world.  

The Miles Matter

Operating 24 hours, 365 days a year while providing these services, PTI provides transport services for businesses spanning over 100 million miles every year throughout the United States. 

The miles we drive while taking care of your business matter. Near or far, standard or urgent delivery, we care for the success of your company, mining and power transports as if they are our own. No matter the challenge, we’ve got the experience required to confidently protect and secure your cargo and deliver it exactly where it needs to go.